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Belmont Kids Club

Children living in temporary accommodation struggle to find space to play - a fundamental aspect of childhood, and key to their healthy social, cognitive and physical development.  CARIS Camden Families believe no child should have their access to play impeded by their housing situation, and play provision is key to our ethos.

Belmont Kids Club is our dedicated play centre for children aged 12 and under living in Belmont Hostel, Chalk Farm.  The club runs twice a week after school in term time, and offers resident children access to a range of free and imaginative play activities, structured arts and crafts sessions, gardening sessions and outdoor games, as well as healthy after-school snacks and refreshments. 

The club is open to parents as well as their children.  As well as providing parents with space to socialise with each other, the club provides them with the resources and equipment to engage in play with their own children, away from the associated stresses of their temporary accommodation unit. 

Belmont Kids Club also runs regular theatre and cinema trips, and end-of-term parties.

Play is the work of the child
— Maria Montessori